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Submit a request to receive assistance from a member of the OTIS staff (Office of Technology and Information Systems).

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Manage Rutgers apps, connect to Wi-Fi, access your email, download University provided software, and more.

Two-step login with Duo adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring additional confirmation of your identity beyond a NetID and password. Activate and enroll in Duo to protect your information.


Rutgers provides access to LinkedIn Learning as a resource and training tool to faculty, staff, and students. Access thousands of videos through your account.

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Rutgers faculty, staff, and students have free access to the Microsoft Office suite while enrolled or employed at the University. Follow the instructions to download the available Office products.

Download Microsoft Office


Forgot your NetID? Use this link to find it.

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Rutgers Connect is the official email and calendar system for Rutgers faculty and staff, based on the Office 365 suite by Microsoft.

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How to connect to RUWireless Secure:

  1. Associate to the wireless network​ named: RUWireless
  2. After you have associated to RUWireless, a web browser will open. If it does not, open a browser and go to
  3. On the RUWireless login page, click the “I have a NetID and password” button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Enjoy using RUWireless Secure knowing the data you transfer over the wireless network is now safe and secure.

You have access to different apps provided by Rutgers University. Manage your Scarlet Apps and activate your accounts by following the instructions provided.

Manage Your ScarletApps


How do I access my ScarletMail account? (Link doesn't lead to answer to this question)

Email Setup for iOS Devices | Information Technology Services (Should this have it's own dropdown or combined with another one)