Classroom Technology

All classrooms are capable of wireless presentation, allowing for untethered, wire-free presentation capabilities for the instructor. This technology will also support student group presentations from anywhere in the room.

Each room has a self-tracking camera, allowing the instructor to move freely throughout the room while the camera automatically frames and captures them. This technology can be leveraged in both recording and web-conferencing scenarios.

Rooms are equipped with ceiling microphones that capture instructor and student audio for web-conferencing or classroom recording. Each room also has handheld and lapel microphones for instructor voice amplification.

Rear confidence monitors allow instructors to always teach forward with presentation slides appearing on a large display in front of them. These displays also enhance local-to-remote user interaction by easily displaying remote audiences.

With an array of ceiling microphones, tracking cameras, and rear confidence monitors, each room can support web-conferencing on commonly used platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc., and classroom recordings through Kaltura Capture.

Larger classrooms support digital annotation, allowing the instructor to leverage digital whiteboards instead of traditional ones. This allows for unlimited whiteboard space and the ability to save that annotation content to distribute later to students. Digital whiteboard content can also be projected onto larger room displays, allowing students to see the content more easily.

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New Collaboration Podium


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Wharton Podium


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 1 Washington Classic Podium


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100Rock Classic Podium


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