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About OTIS

"Empowering Excellence Through Technologyā€¯


Our mission at the Office of Technology & Instructional Services (OTIS) is to facilitate excellence in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship for the Rutgers Business School community. We support a cutting-edge computing infrastructure, along with a wide range of services that enhance the experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and beyond.

Our core principles guide our actions: user-focused, collaborative, innovative, and integrity-driven. We actively seek, listen to, and respond to the needs of our users and collaborate with colleagues, valuing each other's expertise and insights. We foster innovation, encouraging experimentation with new ideas. Finally, we act with integrity, practicing honest and respectful communication in all service and consulting endeavors.

At OTIS, our purpose is clear: to make teaching, research, learning, and scholarship easier and more effective through the strategic use of information and instructional technology.